The Australian Rodeo Queen Quest (formerly known as the National Rodeo Queen Quest of Australia), was founded by Sharon Piggott in 1992 and adopted by the National Rodeo Council of Australia (NRCA) after recognising there was a need to promote and encourage young women into the heritage sport of Rodeo.

The Quest is an annual competition (currently in it’s 24th consecutive year), which actively encourages women from all walks of life to become involved in the sport by providing education through an annual Rodeo Queen Clinic, regular communications, promotions and fundraising activities.

The Australian Rodeo Queen Quest is a voluntary run, (not for profit) organisation, with all proceeds placed back into the Quest to promote the sport of rodeo.

A rulebook has been formulated and is strictly adhered to by all contestants; clearly outlining the Rodeo Queen’s duties and obligations during her reign.

After meeting the basic criteria to participate in the final week of judging, contestants spend a busy, fun filled week on the Gold Coast in Queensland where they are educated about their duties whilst participating in a number of activities to promote rodeo, including promotions at many of the local attractions and major theme parks to raise awareness about the sport. Entrants will also typically make appearances for sponsors and charitable organisations during their week on the Gold Coast.

Ms Rodeo Queen of Australia will spend her year promoting events interstate to assist committees in the promotion of their event while actively encouraging spectators to attend these events.

*If you would like to find out how you can enter, contact us today on 02 6737 3777 (W) or 02 6737 3641 (AH) for further details or email